Saturday, March 28, 2015

Perfect Prime Rib

Do you want a fabulous hands off kind of meat? Well this baby's perfect for those of you who like the idea of set it and forget it kind of meal.  Prime rib is my favourite kind of beef, when it's prepared properly. It is an expensive cut so screwing it up scares some from trying to cook it at home.  Be scared no more my home chefs!  Here's the fool proof way to perfection..

Prime Rib Perfection


1 Prime Rib
Garlic Powder
(or you favourite blend of beef seasoning)


1. Bring your prime rib to room temperature - this is important! You'll need to weigh it on your kitchen scale to find the poundage (if your meat is pre - weighted in kilograms on the packaging from the grocery store.  If you don't have a home scale you can ask the butcher at the store to weigh it in pounds for you or go online and google a weight converter).

2. Preheat your oven to 500*F.  Lightly sprinkle all your seasonings on to the rib and rub them in, remember to do all sides. 

3. If you have a larger cut it's best to place the meat bone side down in your roasting pan.  Since mine was only 3 lbs, it wouldn't stand on the bone so I just laid it flat. 

4. Tent your pan in aluminium foil and place in the oven.  If you have curious critter's like older children/spouses that like to peek in the oven while things cooking, I suggest a sign like this to keep them out (you'll find out why in a minute).

5.  Cooking times go like this:
              Rare - 6 minutes/pound
        Medium - 7 minutes/pound
             Well - 8 minutes/pound

6. Half way through the cooking time remove the tented aluminium.  

7. When the desired cook time is finished turn off your oven completely and leave the prime rib in there for 2 hours. Under no circumstances open the door!  The residual heat will finish the meat to perfection.

Stay Sweet!