About Me

 I was born in St John's Newfoundland and spent most of my childhood bouncing between a extremely small island town in Bonavista Bay and a average sized town in South Western Ontario.  I'm a true Newfoundlander - the only place I ever want to be is home.  There's nothing like waking to the sounds of the North Atlantic waves crashing on the rocky beach and the smell of salt in the air.  

I met my hubby in high school and had two beautiful & talented girls that are now teenagers.  Daughter A is stubborn and driven.  She works two jobs and takes riding lessons while still going to school full time and manages to keep very good grades.  I don't know how she does it.  Daughter B is just turning 13 so she's in a transitional phase right now.  She loves school and sports, especially soccer (yes, I'm a soccer mom, ever since Daughter A was 7).  She's sweet and a little mischievous with a tender heart.

We have 3 pets - cats. Zoe, Weasley, and Orion.

I went to college for Accounting.  I love reading, cooking/baking, music, and photography.  I like being creative and trying new things and will always answer when adventure calls.  I believe in living life to it's fullest - no regrets.  I drink insane amounts of coffee - I mean insane enough to put a Gilmore Girl to shame.

So that's me & my life in a nutshell.

Stay sweet!