Saturday, March 21, 2015

French Fried with a Greek twist!

We have an amaze-balls fry truck in our town.  While, it's open all year round serving up tasty goodness, it's in the summer the smell of deep fried potatoes & malt vinegar wafts throughout the entire downtown beckoning you to break any diet you're on just for a taste. I love fresh cut french fries.  It's my vice.  Add herbs to them and I'm completely done.  You will be too after you've tried these.

NOTE: I like to think that my recipes can reach the myriad of cooks, from beginner to advanced. However, this one should be left to those that are more comfortable and experienced in the kitchen (if you don't have a deep fryer). Working with open hot oil is NOT to be taken lightly!  Be prepared to be chained to the stove for awhile with this one.  It is worth, it just be careful.

Fries with Greek Seasoning


1 Large Potato/ 2 persons
Club House One Step Seasoning Greek
3 Litres Vegetable Oil*


1.  Wash potatoes and cut into even pieces.  I like mine on the shoe string size side or about 1/2' square.  Remember the bigger they are the longer it takes to cook.  Pat dry with a paper towel - oil & water aren't good bed fellows!!!!

2. Fill a large pot about 2/3 rds full of vegetable oil.  *You probably won't need all 3 litres of oil but you will need a lot, it all depends on the size of your pot.  Heat until temperature reaches 190*F (or if you're using a deep fryer, set it up on the fry setting.).  If you are using the pot method this is the point when you're committed - feed the animals & make sure the kids are occupied prior to this.  A watched pot of water may not boil but an un-watched pot of oil boils VERY quickly.

3.  This is a double fry method so for the first fry add the potatoes one or two pieces at a time until the bottom of your pot covered in a single layer (to avoid them sticking together).  Remove them from the oil when the float to the top about 5 min.

4. Remove from the oil and let drain.  They will be pale still.  The first fry is to cook the potato through (the second fry will crisp them up).

5. Continue with the first fry until all your potatoes have been done.  Making sure the temperature comes back up to 190*F in between batches.

6. You can increase the batch size for the second fry.  I usually put 2 batches of the first fry in at a time.  Just remember don't crowd the pot too much and keep that temperature up.  They're done when golden and crispy about 15 minutes.  If you're using fresh new oil it may take a little longer to brown.

7. Once done, drain or pat away excess oil.  Place in a large bowl and lightly sprinkle with the greek seasoning.

8.  Let the oil in the pot completely cool, and using a funnel, return the oil to the jug.  The more you use the oil the crispier and darker your fries will be.  My jug is labeled For Deep Frying Only so it doesn't get used for anything else.

9.  Re-introduce yourself to your children & pets.  Have a great dinner!

Pair these up with my Brioche Buns & Potabello, Cheddar, Bacon Burgers for a complete meal!

Stay Sweet!