Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Alarm Clock!

Everyone Up!

These days it seems that my life purpose is being an alarm clock.  My day is run by the soft sounds of the second's hand ticking away and I'm tired.

You would think that by the time your kids hit their teenage years you'd be over that.  No more feeding, changing, nap, etc schedules. In reality, it's still the same - with the exception of the changing thing, only with more attitude.  

Daughter A has finished  high school but is taking an extra class at a local adult learning center to upgrade before heading to university, works basically full time, and like any teenager has a social life.  Sounds like she's pretty much got it together, right?  Nope - the only thing that keeps her on schedule is me.  

Her shifts at work vary but it's usually midnight's and with that she could start at 11 pm or 3 am until 7 am.  Then comes home in time to change, hopefully eat, and get to class for 9 am.  After that it's either hang out with friends or do her homework.  Depending on the day she could come home to sleep for a couple of hours before going out, then coming home to sleep again.  No matter which way it goes it up to me to make sure she's up for whatever is going on.  

I wish she'd wake up for an actual alarm clock but not a chance.  Every one we've ever bought her, she manages to turn off and/or sleep through it or she doesn't even turn it on.  Yes, she's that dead of a sleeper.  I don't know what to do. She's going off to school next year and I don't how she's going to manage. I feel like I've failed.  It's not like I can even let her screw up on her own.  These are the things you can't be late for or miss entirely. Sigh.

Last night is a prime example of my life.  She was scheduled to work at 3 am and asked me to get her up at 9.  I proceeded to go down at 9, and then continued hourly until 2:30 am - the absolute, very latest she could sleep. Even after getting her up I still didn't get to sleep to closer 3:15 because she was running so late that I had to switch the cars around while she got ready.  That wouldn't be so bad, I am naturally a night hawk, except I have to be up at 6:30 to get Daughter B up for school and I was falling asleep at midnight because the previous night was basically the same. This Mommy is running on 2 hours sleep a night!  I know I could take a nap during the day but that will only screw me up completely. I would end up sleeping all day and being up all night.  Getting out of that habit is way to hard - so this soldier marches on; even if only half awake.

Daughter B's schedule is like any other 14 year old.  School, homework, friends, the occasional after school activity - pretty normal...thankfully!  When she decides to get a job I just might lose my marbles because I don't how I'll manage keeping track of them both and sleep.

Do you think is pay back for having such an easy time when the girls were born because both of them slept through the night almost right away?  Seems like it.

Stay Sweet!