Friday, May 1, 2015

Back to Basics Egg Salad

Sometimes you just have to get back to the basics.  It seems everyone is trying to frou-frou up the classics, and there's nothing wrong with that. As a food blogger I, myself, am always trying to do something a little different.  But really, the classics never die and if you're just new to cooking world I think it's always best to start with the small & simple, tried & true recipes.  It gives a good base to build upon as you gain experience. There is absolutely nothing fancy with the ingredients here - standard pantry stuff.

Back to Basics Egg Salad


2 large Eggs
1 tbsp Relish
2-3 tbsp Mayonnaise
1 tsp Onion, finely chopped (or a small pinch of onion powder)
Pinch of Paprika, Salt, and freshly cracked Black Pepper


1. Hard boil the eggs for a good 10 - 13 minutes.  The time limit to hard boiling eggs is finicky because there's a lot of variables; freshness, pan size, and even altitude.  Something I learned in my home economics class is that you can test for done by lifting an egg out of the water with a spoon and if the water on the shell evapourates almost instantly, it's done. Just remember this only works for well done.  If you're looking to have just a soft boiled, it's a hit or miss game.

2. Drain the hot water and fill the pot with cold and allow to sit for a few minutes for the eggs to cool enough to handle.  Peel the shell and dice with an egg slicer.  Don't have an egg slicer? Cut the egg in half and pop the yolk out into a small mixing bowl, then dice the whites - this saves a lot of mess and frustration because eventually the yolk will pop out on it's own when you're try to cut it.

3. In the mixing bowl combine the rest of the ingredients to the eggs. Feel free to adjust the mayo & relish amounts to your own personal preferences.  Not a relish fan at all? Omit it completely. I love the little tang it gives to the salad.

4. Pile the mixture on to your favourite bun with a little iceberg lettuce and you have the perfect simple lunch. This recipe is enough for 2 sandwiches if you're not like me. Because to me, it's not a proper sandwich if the egg isn't dripping out of the back when you take a bite. Just saying!

Now, let's talk to those who don't have an egg slicer...Why not?  They come in handy (nicely slice eggs-no duh, mushrooms, even cheese), are readily available at your local dollar store (so obviously, not that much of a financial commitment) and hardly take up any room at all. Now, go get one! ;)

Stay Sweet!