Friday, May 15, 2015

The Cake Craze

As promised the cakes that have kept this baking machine working over-time.

The first is a cake that I did for a friend's daughters 9th birthday.  Let me tell you, I had no idea what Minecraft was really until she asked me to create this.  I've heard of it, of course, from friends kids that played but I was completely oblivious as too the look of the characters or even the names.  Let's all hail Google for a moment on this one because it really saved my bacon! A quick search for something called Stampy Cat - Minecraft and boom! There it was in all it's pixalated glory.

Don't the let the seemingly simple design fool you.  This took some serious planning, and the execution & geometry had to be perfect. I learned this first hand because I had to wipe it clean when I was sooooo close to being done.  My grid was off and the bottom portion looked like the vertical hold was going. So what I planned to have done in 3 hrs took me over 6.  However, I think it turned out great! Well worth the sleepless night.

After a complete crash from working on Minecraft, my cousin messaged me.  She was having issues with getting her daughters Frozen cake ready.  I offered to come over and help her out - at midnight.  Girlie had decided to change up what she wanted on her cake.  The original was suppose to be a "Barbie" style dress cake with Anna or Elsa but it turned out she didn't want her doll stuck in a cake, she wanted Olaf. So in the wee hours of morning, and with limited supplies Cousin & I managed to get this done.  Not bad for 5 am and complete design change, I think.

Next came another cousin request.  A Monster High design on a half & half cake.  I probably could have done this one in fondant but let's be honest here - kids don't like fondant, especially 5 year olds.  When I do kids cakes I always try to use buttercream instead of fondant.  I love the rustic look of the white buttercream with the piping of the emblem. I think this is one of my favourite cakes.

And finally, my cutie-pie cupcakes.  These were ordered by a former co-worker, a real estate agent with a million dollar listing, and these babies were going to be offered at the open house.  Let me tell you, I stressed about them for days!  With being mini cupcakes decorating them is somewhat limited and it was made very clear to me that they had to be pretty.  All I could think of was, 'what does she constitute as pretty?'  I finally decided that I needed to keep things simple.  No over decorating or lots of fondant, just a nice dollop of buttercream and little accents of fondant ribbon rosebuds would be perfect.  So away I went.  I even luster dusted the pink roses to add a little shimmer. The agent loved them <3 .

You will see some of these cakes again because I have tutorials & recipes for them.  Keep checking back and see what's been cooking in my little kitchen.

Stay Sweet!