Saturday, August 10, 2013

So........ you say you can't cook?

You know what? I don't believe you :).

I've been spending lots of time over at Pintrest lately and with reading the comments like "This looks good. I wish I could cook" or "This seems so easy, even I can't screw it up" etc,  I shake my head a little. I believe that everyone can learn to cook.  It's not a genetic trait, it's something you train yourself to do.

There's two "not so secret" secrets.

The first is to start small and simple.  Learn to fry a basic egg - all the kinds, sunny side up, over easy, and hard. Then step it up to scrambled.  After that it's only small jump to an omelet or even (gasp!) a western sandwich.  I know this analogy seems silly but if one would think of every ingredient in this way you CAN accomplish amazing feats in the kitchen.  If you have never made minute rice than I wouldn't expect you to be able to prepare, from scratch, risotto.

The second, and most important, is read......Read the recipe completely, twice and even thrice if necessary, before you even think about turning on that stove.  Make sure you have everything from the ingredients to the equipment.  There's nothing worse than getting midway through a recipe and realizing you're missing/low on something and have to run to the store at midnight - been there, done that, not fun.  With reading everything first you get to know the steps & terminology. You'll be prepared for what's coming up next and if you don't understand a word/direction you can look it up prior.

I'm going to make a third point here.  Leave yourself lots of time for the prep.  I know a lot of recipes give you some sort of time frame that it should take you to have the prep done in.  BUT that's from experienced people use to banging out that particular recipe with those particular techniques .  Take your time and don't forget; things made with love always tastes better.

I hope this help & stay sweet!