Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Faith in Humanity Restored

*Note: This picture is from last year but it's about how deep the snow is now.

Just before leaving for work yesterday the snow plow came by nicely filling in the bottom of my driveway with a bank of snow. It didn't look too deep so I carried on getting ready to leave. I left enough time to warm up the car and get it all cleared off.

Once that was all done I jumped in, threw Stan ( my car) in reverse - determined to just ram out on to the street like I've done a thousand times before.  Bad idea.....  I went slightly off course and hit the deepest part of the bank on the drivers side :( So there I sit with Stan half on street and couldn't go forward or reverse.  I push the door open again a tonne of snow to examine the damage.  After a few explicit words to myself for not clearing a path - I walk up the driveway and grab the shovel.

While I was digging out the passenger side I noticed a car coming down the street - thinking to myself  'This person must think I'm such an idiot'. No statement would have been truer at that point in time but shameful all the same. But wait...what's this?  He pulls a U-turn, parks in front of my house & offers to help.  Damsel in distress saved!

Within a matter of ten minutes my knight had most of the snow cleared.  He asked if he could try driving it out.  I said sure as long as he knew how to drive standard, which he did. A little rocking and wheel turning and Stan was freed from the clutches of snow!

After a dozen or so "Thank you's" and an offer to pay him for his services (which was declined).  We were both on our way.  I made it to work on time and my knight is forever in my debt.

So once again kind stranger, "Thank you!"

Stay Sweet!