Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First Days

Gone are the days when the first day back to school is met with excitement and wonder.  Around the Life and Food household there's grumbling and dismay and the girls aren't happy about it either.  We get so out of the early morning routines while on summer vacation that coping with 6:00 (did you know they have two of those in a day? I didn't LOL) get up times is damn near almost impossible.We're now in to week 2 of the routine and things seem to be going well.  Much better than last year.  No one's been late yet! 

However, there's the constant fight about taking the bus.  Neither of them want to enjoy the crowded, smelly, big yellow limo.  So, it's Mom to the rescue to drive their butts to higher learning every morning.  Both have after school activities; Daughter A works and Daughter B is trying out for every sport team offered.  Thankfully, we live close enough & they're old enough that, when required, they can walk home or Hubby can pick them up when he gets home from work.

I'm optimistic about the coming school year and a little excited but sad too.  There's college applications to fill out and high school courses to select - big changes on the horizon.  "A" will soon be off to post secondary education and "B" will be thrown into the mayhem of high school. Nothing will be the same.

  Stay Sweet!